Monday, February 13, 2012

She Wants Her Dad

Her heart longs for a Dad. A Dad that will listen to all her thoughts. A Dad that loves to give her big hugs. One that's interested in her dreams and ideas. One that makes things happen, so she can feel safe, secure, supported, encouraged and loved.

She wants to play and wrestle on the living room floor when he gets home from work. She wants a piggyback ride and he must sit at the miniature tea table like a gentleman.

She wants to be protected from scary dogs and mean kids. She wants to feel strong arms that hug her tightly. When she gets hurt, she wants to tell him how bad it was.

She wants to do special activities (only she and Dad can do them), as they are her special moments with her Dad. She likes his undivided attention and loves going to the park with Dad.

Dad must create special games and she can change the rules at any time. She loves the smell of his clothes and cologne--they are smells that are linked to good and safe and fun times.

She loves to hear how pretty she is and needs Dad to notice how cute she looks with new clothes and her hair done up.

He is a spiritual concrete that solidifies her value that has been assigned by God Himself. Her Dad is so important that she'll view God the same very way (good, bad, or indifferent) in her adult life.

An absent Dad (physical and/emotional) will starve her of the affirmations of her value. She prefers a kiss on the forehead over any gift/present he can try to make up with.

She wants him on the sideline and in the audience watching and smiling at her. Your availability and love will allow for her to grow from a solid foundation in which she can flourish and explore life. She wants to hold your hand, sit on your lap, and laugh as much as possible.

If her Dad isn't around or emotionally available, she will look outside the house for other men to affirm her. This is the very point where a girl sells her soul and dignity to be loved by some douche bag.

Here begins the uphill battle for the girl who is about to grow-up faster than she should.

Men: If there is a girl or woman in your life that could use some love and care, you be sure to do it. In God's family, He puts spiritual fathers in our lives to help fill the childhood voids.

God bless those men that are grandfathers and spiritual fathers to girls needing one.

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