Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do not make me slap you, Beavis.

I cringe when I see or hear of parents that discipline their children out of anger. There's arm pulling/yanking, slapping, knuckling, hair pulling, flicking, pinching, and I'm sure the child is benefitting from it in a multitude of ways (note sarcasm).

Does asking for some candy warrant a neck wrench? Does being bored and hungry warrant an arm pinch that leaves a bruise? Does having an opinion warrant a slap? Does going to the store/any place when a child is tired and hungry sound like a good idea?

A child that responds well to correction, will never think to be afraid or flinch. The child responds well, because they feel loved and safe around you. You've done a lot more hugging and kissing than you've "disciplined" them.

If you MUST hurt someone, try that sh!t on me; I'll introduce your teeth to the back of your skull.



David said...

All of those things are why I don't shop at Wal-Mart or go to the Mall.

Jason Bennett said...

I hear ya on that one.