Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Always, Never, and Forever

You always let me down!

You never support me!

You haven't put me first in your life in forever!

[insert the other million things you could use to replace above]

Examples of a hurting person that is attempting to get love the wrong way. Their need can't be quenched and people in their life will continually disappoint them. They will quite literally behave as a child having a tantrum in order to get/manipulate what they want.

The little kid having a tantrum is using guilt as a tool of manipulation. After inflammatory comments, they will pout by being extra quiet or cause drama. Though the person has a true void from childhood, they can't demand that people love them they way they dictate.

Famous quote from Mindy: "Will you give me a script I can read from, so I don't piss you off anymore?" Ouch and so true.

Are you one of these people? I know just a guy who is extremely familiar with this problem.


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