Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear Parents

Don't be insecure, worried, or threatened by your child that isn't just like you or how your pretend child "should" be.

What they do with their hair or how they dress isn't really a concern of yours. The food they like/dislike is not something you can change. Their imagination and creativity should not intimidate you.

Please refrain from attempting to squash your child by forcing them to be more like you or the social norm you subscribe to. If you like fishing and your son doesn't, try bonding over a shared interest and don't make him feel bad for not liking fishing. If you like football and require your boy to play, you forgot one really important question, "Son, do you like football and do you think you might enjoy playing?" It can be anything where you force your likes onto your children and get butt-hurt when they don't jump for joy.

Let your child flourish naturally and come alongside them with support for their endeavors. Caring more for their person is far better than being fixated on what they'll be according to societal/church norms.


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