Monday, February 6, 2012

A Knife in Your Back

They're just so cute and endearing. Warm smile and beaming eyes that could melt the coldest heart.

Their words pull you in with arms like vines. Their presence is pleasant, like a butterfly in a flower garden. You look to please them with gifts of your time, money, and resources.

Just as you feel the safest, you feel a searing hot pain in your back that burns with hellfire. You've been brutally stabbed in the back and your'e speechless.

You look at the person with eyes of betrayal and wonder how it's possible that such a nice person be so vindictive and cruel.

While God loves even the backstabbers, we must use wisdom in dealing with them. They like to use, manipulate, and pit people against each other.

They are much like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

No matter how cunningly he conceals his malice, eventually his evil will be exposed in public. (Proverbs 26:26 MSG)


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