Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Ramones Suck

If you like Punk music, you almost have to like The Ramones. The Ramones suck. If you get down to the actual music and lyrics these bozos put out, you'll want to laugh.

So many people will do or act in any way that will make them "cool." Most don't even like what they're doing, but need to be accepted in any way possible. When I was growing up, we called these people "posers."

If you're a Christian, I recommend cleansing your mind of any talk on being cool. Being cool is so far away from the things we're to be focusing on.

Just be yourself with no concern of how you may appear to others. "Cool" does not exist. Cool infers that there's the uncool. Insecure bullies like to force their likes on anyone around them. These bullies aren't so obvious like they were in school, they are the ones that subtlety make biting comments on how you look, walk, talk, clothes, food you eat, color of your hair, and the list goes on.

If you squash what you like to do, say, wear, believe in, you're trying to be "cool."


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