Monday, January 9, 2012

What are your qualifications, sir?

The educated still tend to get pompous about what is needed to do certain things. When it comes to serving the extremely hurting, there are some concrete skills/stages/background that are needed, so one doesn't get consumed by the stories of abuse they hear:

1. Love from your heart (only a healthy heart can give without expecting).
2. Ensure your heart is at a fairly healthy stage (healing and extensive study).
3. Love Jesus (know Him intimately through prayer and His Word).
4. Love people (look to help everytime your heart says to).
5. Have some life experience to share wisdom from.

I come from a broken home where I am the only one not addicted to drugs right now. My father and brother have passed from drug-related incidents. This is not where I try to convince anyone how tough my life's been, so don't worry about that.

In order to be free of a million layers of trash, I have spent 10+ years going through counseling for my own issues. I have spent about 3 years helping others with theirs.

I could list my degrees and courses achieved, but I'll save that for those that like to put them in their signature block.


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