Friday, January 27, 2012

I am NOT Sorry!

Are you ALWAYS "wrong" and yielding to "authority" figures or controllers in your life. Have you been so controlled that you're automatically the one to blame, because there "must" be something wrong with you? You're so brainwashed/programmed that you start to doubt yourself at the core: opinions/ideas/concerns/questions. You won't even ask questions you're strongly convicted to ask, because you doubt all your motives.

Controllers love and will allow for you to doubt yourself on the most basic of things; they get-off on it. You lose yourself in the controller and look to them to make your decisions for you.

As you start to think for yourself, the controller will say little things to make you feel guilty. "Are you sure that's the best decision? "So and so loves you very much." "This will change how thinks look/go-down." Those are just a few comments that controllers use to guilt you back into submission.

I'm not sorry for thinking on my own. I will ask "why?" about everything. I will not assume you are right. If you don't value my input, I'll leave you standing by your bad-self.

This post isn't about being rebellious or disrespectful to people, but rather to have a Godly confidence in your intelligence and gifting. Control is oppression and Jesus came to set the captives free. Word.

Is somebody controlling you?

I can help in this area if you want.

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