Monday, January 9, 2012

The Other People

Only the really messed-up people need emotional and mind healing/renewal, right? The question is rhetorical, because everybody hurts (REM) to some extent. The magnitude of pain/baggage differs from one person to another. Some Christians think they're completely free of garbage and look to enlighten The Other People. When we're free of garbage, we won't be located on earth.

Who do I look to help? Anyone with enough humility to recognize there's brokenness inside of them and they'd like to be free of it.

Who does my heart particularly bleed for? For girls and women who have been sexually violated/physically-verbally-psychologically-spiritually-emotionally abused, or still are, and the agonizing effects that affect their present life and decisions: broken relationships, self-hatred, compromising of one's self, addiction, etc....

If you or someone you know could use somebody to talk to and pray with, please call, text, or email me. My wife always accompanies me when helping females.

Cell: 775-830-1764

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