Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rock the Boat

Many of us have, or have had, a person in our lives that we tip-toe around. The person is destructive to them self and their friends and loved ones. We don't want to encounter any conflict, so we unhealthily enable them to be destructive. For many, the confrontation with the person will cause verbal and physical abuse. To live in this kind of fear is traumatizing.

We as individuals need to decide how long we'll put up with the abuse. This is easier said than done, because many are wives and children that can't easily escape/leave the abuse. When I say "abuse" I'm not speaking of physical abuse only--there are so many other soul-damaging abuses.

This is where I believe that we can assist the abused in talking, praying, and seeking healthier options. We won't confront the abuser at his house, or seek to do him/her harm, but rather equip the abused with truths and practical steps. Some abusers will acknowledge and repent from what they do and others don't choose to change. It's these abusers that we must separate ourselves from and let them decide to change or else.

If we don't rock the boat, we are sure to lose ourselves.


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