Friday, January 13, 2012

She Cries

For most of my childhood, I could hear my mom crying at night. I was worried for her and fearful of my environment. My mind reeled with possibilities on what was wrong. At the very least, I could gather that she was extremely sad. Some nights she would get in my bed and cry on my shoulder. I was too young to process, so I checked-out.

A big part of my bleeding heart for hurting women is due to my mom crying so much. I have a soft spot for females and the challenges they face. After doing some living, I noticed that a lot of men were mean and demeaning to females. This strengthened my resolve to help them (only if they wanted it, of course).

I had a guy ask me a very hard question about 5 years ago: "Jay, do you think that you're trying to save your mom by helping other females?" I said, "It's quite possible and all the worry for her caused a compassion that compelled me to help."

Out of much pain a ministry rises.

I can only imagine how many women go to bed feeling sad, fearful, controlled, intimidated, unappreciated, and taken for granted by their "man."

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