Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dates with My Girls

One of the best ideas I ever came across, was to take my girls on dates, individually. We forget that spending time as a family, which is awesome, is not one-on-one attention. 

Here are some examples of how a child can be neglected, even in family-time events:
1. The child is naturally quieter/more reserved.
2. A child's sibling can hog all the attention, because they're naturally more energetic and social.
3. A parent's attention is divided amongst all the others, or they are preoccupied by something else that keeps them from engaging with their child: noises, TV, smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc...
4. Parent is so tired from the work week, or managing the house, that they just checkout and don't want to do anything. 

That's a big enough list, so how do we focus-in on each child? Here are a few ideas that have served me extremely well:
1. Approach your time with your child like a date. All attention is on that child and genuine hearing is in place. 
2. Ask your child to be thinking of something they'd like to do with you. 
3. Let them think on it, as it always leads to a better build-up of excitement for them. 
4. When they tell you what they'd like to, be excited for them and be thinking in the back of your mind about time and cost of date. I gently guide them towards where I'm at with regards to the budget. 

5. I get with Mindy and look at our family calendar. Pick a date and time, then let my girls know, so they can have a plan in their mind. 
6. The dates have included meals, movies, books, parks, sports, etc...

You ready to take your child(ren) on an individual date?

Do what fits for your family, and I challenge you to start doing this; you won't be sorry. This type of undivided attention will create strong and trusting relationships. Let love be the anchor. 


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