Wednesday, June 19, 2013

False Starter

It has become plain as day that I have a history of false starting ministries/ideas. "False Starting" is a term used in many racing sports. In track an athlete will "jump the gun" and start running before the gun goes off. 

Many of you will probably remember when Usain Bolt (fastest human ever) false started on the 100 meter dash during the 2008 Olympic Games (see attached pic). It was devastating. The one false start rule eliminated him from the race he was favored to win. 

It wasn't just devastating for Usain, but for all the people who support him and give a lot of their time and energy to his success. There's a coaching/training/admin staff that are dedicated to him, not to mention his fans, that at the very least would like him to run the race. A false start is the worst case scenario. 
My personality inclines me towards starting and developing things. My impatience causes a false start. This area of my life is so humbling, because I struggle with it the most: getting excited, planning, false starting, doing damage assessment, and apologizing. 

I'm so very glad that I have a gracious God and gracious friends. I'm the dude with an idea a minute and can't seem to sit still. Ugh. God loves me. 

Is there an area if life where you keep repeating the same mistake? I feel ya. 


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