Friday, February 15, 2013

The Performance Trap

Have you ever noticed that many Christians are still attempting to earn God's grace? The head-knowledge isn't moving/being realized in the heart: "I know God saved me through His Son, but I keep trying to seek approval, affirmation, fulfillment by proving that I'm good/worthy of being saved."

Objectively observed, this behavior communicates some deficiencies in us knowing our worth/value/position/standing (Identity in Christ). You can easily identify them, because they are identifying with a false identity, and that shows up in so many ways: striving to always have to do more, always have to be perfect, always need man's approval, exhausted, stretched-thin, irritable, jockeying for positional leadership, et al.

Read the first chapter of Ephesians. Know that this chapter defines your identity. Pray that the true identity gets realized in your heart.

I have personally struggled with this one.

I highly recommend that you purchase the book listed below, as it is a game-changer. Dispels lies that create false identities and helps get you on the track to your true identity. You won't be disappointed.

Freedom From The Performance Trip

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