Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Putting Away Childish Things

When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. (1 Corinthians 13:11 NLT)

We don't like to think that we think/behave like children as adults. We're always telling people to grow up and if you're a Christian, the meaning of "grow up" is drastically different.

To the world, they think they're grown up by aging and being "successful" in life. They also think that behaving like an adult requires no showing of emotion or weakness.

Here's what "growing up" means to Christians (in no certain order):
1. Humility
2. Pursuit of Wisdom (seek, receive, and live)
3. Know God intimately
4. Addressing and putting away (always room for grace) things like: jealousy, comparisons, covetous, pride, envy, hatred, grudges, vindictiveness, rage, fear, worry, etc.......

It's not easy to grow up the Christian way, but it's the only way to deeper levels of understanding and freedom.


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